How about reflecting your own style and pleasure with your skirting models?

Think of such a skirting model that is designed exclusively for you and reflects your style with your pleasure.

How does it possible? Thanks to Wish Series, it is possible to reflect your own pleasure and style with skirting models. Mox Profile Systems is the first and only place in Turkey that you will have Wish series, that gives a novel touch to your home as being great product.

If you want to use the Lato skirting model, you can choose a design among from the others we have created for you, or you can apply any visual that you want through our editor.

We offer a wide range of options for design almost limitlessly by using a special digital printing technology to apply the design you want on the aluminum through custom-made plastic-based paper.

Wish aluminum skirting models offer the advantage of long years of use safely in every area conveniently as it contains materials that are resistant against water, heat and impact.

We do not have any limitations on the alternatives of where you want use the Wish series. Whether you want to combine it with your furnitures or curtains, or make a surprise for your children in the children's room, or if you wish reflect your corporate identity in your office.

You can use it for decorative / advertising purposes in public areas such as cafes, banks, hotels, shopping malls. We support you in all the places and all the designs that you can imagine.

Now, take a look at your place. Don’t you think that Wish is missing already?

Wish Örnek 1
Wish Örnek 2
Wish Örnek 3
Wish Örnek 4

I want to have my own design on the skirting board, so is it possible to use any visual?
Of course you can use it, but the resolution of the photo you are uploading should be big enough to have the desired result in digital printing.
Can I place an order in any quantity?
The standard product is available in 2700mm. You can place as many orders as you want, not down to 20 meters. There will be a reasonable design price charged in case you would like to go with your own design that you have uploaded. In other words, the production of your designs that requires customization will cost a bit more than the standard ones.
Is the final product durable? Is there any possibility of having faults like discoloration, tearing or breakage?
The product would be a high resistance printing plaster on the aluminum. Resistant to water and scratches. The lamination on the print protects the printing and therefore, fading would be avoided.
What is the next process after placing orders through editor?
Our consultant will contact you immediately upon your request will be forwarded to the Mox sales team together with your design details to inform you about the price, design and evaluations for the product.

Wish Editor

Now pick or create a design with Wish Editor. You have the option of getting preview of your selection that you can create by combining your design with wall and floor alternatives before placing an order.

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Pick / Create your design
You can use the alternatives that we have created for you or upload your design
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