Aluminium Tile Trims

With its different designs and structures, Mox aluminum tile trim models give an exclusive appearance to the areas that have a ceramic surfaces. Aluminum Tile trim is used in interior corner applications and outer corner applications of ceramic surfaces while being used as an inner corner skirting at the joint point of wall and floor.

Aluminum inner corner tile trims are not only used for ceramic surface but also being used as a preservative between the walls and countertops in the kitchen. Deformations such as cracking and swelling will be prevented by blocking the leakage of liquid to the edges of the applied surface. It also gives a complementary look to the whole decoration.

In addition, the aluminium stair tread for tiles is also used to avoid from the poor appearance of the stair steps which is formed with granites and ceramics by covering the flaws on the ceramic surfaces and with its shock absorbing feature it provides a protection against to the damages may be occurred overtime.

Aluminum Tile Edge Trims

As well as covering the edges and cutting flaws that may occur at the end of the ceramic surfaces, it also contributes to the completion of the decoration with its eye-catching effect of aluminum.

The usage areas of the Aluminum tile edge trim are as follow; on the tops of granite or ceramic skirting boards horizontally, at the end points of the ceramic surfaces, in the ceramic-park or ceramic-carpet passages on the floor, and as the decorative strips instead of the inter-ceramic joints in the floor.

The Luna Fix Aluminum internal corner profile, which is often used to prevent water penetration in the wall joints of the shower stalls or bathtubs, and also to provide an aesthetic for poor appearance in the joint area.

Mono Fix Aluminium Straight Edge profile, which is used for decorative and protective purposes at the edges of ceramic or granite surfaces, completes the decoration with an eye-catching effect of aluminum as well as covering the faults that might be occured at the edges of the ceramic surfaces.

The Round Fix Aluminium external corner Profile used in 90 degree wall external corners of ceramic surfaces to protect the corners from damages that may occur and restrain abrasions.

The Square Fix Aluminium outer trim, which gives a decorative look to the 90 degree corners by covering the flaws may occur during the application of ceramic on the outer edges of the surfaces, provides an opportunity to apply it in both outer and inner corner joints easily while providing a unique integrity by furnishing the profile combination.

The Twin Fix Aluminum tile trim, which is made to give an exclusive appearance to the areas with ceramic surfaces by having different structure and design, is preferred to reflect the aluminum elegance in inner corners by being placed vertically in the joints and give an aesthetic look to the outer corner applications which is also more front panel with the 3-angled appearance.