Aluminium Skirting Boards

Skirting Board gives an aesthetic and decorative appearance to the areas by being furnished on the corner where the junction point of floor and wall that are made from two different materials.

Skirting board models protects the aesthetic appearance of the room by covering gaps or faulty areas occurred during application while providing classy and ordered look by collecting telephone, internet and electrical cables thanks to the technical features it has and the ducts placed them within itself.

Skirting boards are frequently used in interior decorations as they are complementary profiles of flooring systems. It is also used to cover the gaps 

and faulty areas that are formed during the junction of two different materials like floor and wall.

The durability of the skirting board prevents structural deterioration against future bumps. It also offers lots of alternatives as a flooring profile to complete the design integrity by having the options wood, marble, ceramic, laminate and aluminum skirting models in different colors.

Mox aluminum skirting models are not only provide integritiy to the all living areas such as home, office, shopping mall, hospital and hotel but also harmonise with any kind of decoration thanks to being available in many surface and color options.

Crispo Aluminum skirting boards, which provides a stylish and aesthetic look to the areas by being furnished into the corner where two different materials, wall and floor, are joint together, provides integrity to the living areas such as home, hotel, office, hospital and shopping mall with different color and surface options.

The Lato Aluminum skirting board is distinguished from the standard skirting boards by being the most preferred and easy to apply yet giving a great value to the areas where applied. It harmonises greatly with your decoration as it is available in different types of color and surface options.

Sentio Alüminyum skirting board, which consists of 2 parts and enables cable ducting with its wall connection system, allows you to easily hide your cables. By having different color and surface options, it provides a decorative integrity for the materials you use in your areas.

The Velo metal skirting board, is produced to prevent damages that might be occured in the junction points of walls with carpet, parquet, marble, ceramic and granite floors and to cover the poor appearance at junctions, offers an ease of use and convenience in your living areas by being able to be mounted either with adhesive tape or silicone.


You may bring different atmosphere to your areas with Wish skirting boards that completely reflect your pleasure and style as they are specially designed for you.