Aluminium Leather Skirting Boards

On "Innovation in Skirting Profile," the first brand that come to mind is Mox, and it is committed to remaining as such. Forget what you already know about skirting and get ready to experience a brand-new product. The fact that skirting is made of aluminum and the use of the highest quality is one of the most precious preferences. First-class artificial leather covering on the aluminum skirting carries this vision further, adding a unique appearance to your decoration. Our LATO model, which we designed as an aluminum skirting to be coated, is available with two height alternatives: 83 mm and 120 mm. The artificial leather used in the coating looks like genuine leather and is of the best quality in its class. The chrome-plated outer corner fixture offers a perfect match for leather textures of any color and pattern. It eliminates errors in outer corner junctions of walls and prevents sharp edges on the profile. It also allows the implementation of profile combinations at your 90 degrees inner. Chrome-plated corners cover piling errors in the inner corners of the wall and provide integrity to the turns. End caps, designed for both the right and left sides of the profile, cover the profile section, offering a perfect finish.

Aluminum leather skirting profile does not cause any discoloration on the parts exposed to UV rays, and at the same time, it is highly resistant to scratches and tears. These easy-to-install products are also used as cable ducts that hide all cables inside. This product, with a broad range of colors and models, has been developed to add a modern and stylish touch to your living spaces.

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