Aluminium Leather Skirting Boards

Be ready to provide a totally different aesthetic look to your areas with the 1st class artificial leather covering on aluminum skirting.

Whether you choose from the colors and textures from our current portfolio or send us the sample or view of the leather type you want to combine, and we present it to you by covering it with the same or the closest one to yours by picking the right one from the thousands of different color and texture options.

The artificial leather we use for coating is the top-quality and almost the same with real leather.

No discoloration occurs with UV light exposure while getting extra resistant to scratching and tearing.

LATO model of ours which we use as Alüminyum skirting board to be coated is available in two different heights of 83 mm and 120 mm. Besides being durable, it also functions as a cable duct with an easy installation. It offers to remove cables in the application areas by hiding them within itself.

Every possible corner details with the leather skirting board has been tought. We offer you to remove problems might be occurred at the joining point of the corner with our chrome-plated accessories for both inner and outer corner turns.

External Corner
The chrome-plated outer corner fits perfectly with any color and texture of the leather. Removes faults in the joint point of wall and outer corner. Prevents sharp edges on the profile.
Internal Corner
It provides a combination of profiles at the inner corners with 90 degree. The faults occurred in the inner corners during application are concealed. Chrome-plated corners provide an integrity to the turns.
With the edges, which are specifically designed for both the right and left sides of the profile, you can cover the profile edges to provide a perfect finish.


PDF Brochure

You can get more detailed information by downloading Aluminium Leather Skirting Boards PDF Brochure

Aluminium Leather Skirting Boards PDF Brochure
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