Mox Aluminium Profile Systems

Orego metal, one of the main supplier of the famous international brands in decorative profile sector, entered to Turkey market by high quality raw material, right operation and perfect surfaces that leads to become favorite brand for many countries in the World and especially in Europe with Mox Profile Systems.

We promise you not only providing quality product and service for applying all processes with same precision for transforming raw material to aluminium decorative profile, but also right price by means of our manufacturer identity.

A brand new concept of decoration that does not hesitate to go beyond the standard.

We’ve gone off the scale for the projects as well.

We have done what we have to do in order to reduce the costs of the projects, and we prepared proposals for minimum rate of wastage by working on special product length and customised color alternatives.

The shortest way to reach Esthetics

We are sure that your application places will be both aesthetically pleasing and distinguishable, with our wide range of products including aluminum skirting boards, aluminum tile trims, aluminum Stair Nose profiles and aluminum flooring transition and aluminum ramp transition profiles.

We called our experiance and desire of product development as Mox, now it is your turn to meet with Mox quality and products…

With Mox, you are going to enjoy with the details…

Product Development

  • Discovery for Nonstandard Products
  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Production and Molding

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Project Management

  • Nonstandard Product Development
  • Nonstandard Length
  • Rich Color Options

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